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The work on Latvia’s Pavilion at Expo continues

This week the equipment for Latvia’s Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 has been shipped to Dubai, and it is expected that the work on arranging the building will start in the weeks to come. Latvia’s presentation will be based on the country’s three core values: 1) connectivity - the synergy among cultures, transit, technology, and people; 2) challenge - the ability to solve complex tasks quickly, efficiently and at a globally competitive level; 3) a discovery platform - the environment for the development of new products and innovations.

The international fair EXPO 2020 kicks off on 1st October. As previously announced, Latvia’s Pavilion will be arranged by the SOIL team, whose technical design has been greenlighted by the organisers. The concept is based on a 4D solution with peat as a central element guiding through Latvia’s past into its future achievements.

“We have agreed on the technical solutions for Latvia’s Pavilion, and the main focus right now is the country’s presentation at the event. According to our concept, we will showcase Latvia as a tech-savvy country embracing the synergy between nature and human achievements. Latvia can simultaneously offer a globally competitive environment to create unique products and services yet closeness to nature within a 20-minute drive,” says Director General of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia Kaspars Rožkalns.

Latvia will use the first and the third floor of the building assigned for Latvia’s Pavilion. The first floor will offer the visitors a taste of Latvia’s story but the third floor will be used by Latvian companies to showcase their products, organise events or meet business partners. The main exposition will make use of digital and audio effects and lighting to guide visitors through four different rooms that each tell a story about Latvian people, their achievements and everything our country has to offer. The full experience of the exhibition will take 12 minutes.

“The main task of the exhibition is to help get the feel of the place we come from. The first room will show Latvia as a young and energetic country with great opportunities for growth, and the second room will aim to showcase the country’s unique offer. The third one will be all about our ability to connect the unconnectable, thus creating value. Room #4 will present the explorer gene and Latvians’ ability to innovate,” says Ints Bērziņš, a member of the SOIL team.

Already 23 companies have confirmed their participation in the fair, and additional 52 entrepreneurs have expressed their wish to participate. The ICT industry has shown the most interest. Still, companies from the pharmaceutical, construction, woodworking, food, logistics and other sectors are willing to take part too,” says Kaspars Rožkalns and adds that various technological solutions, premium niche products and services like health tourism are in high demand in the Middle East.

Latvia’s Pavilion will be located in the Opportunity district in a rented building. The first floor will hold the main exposition, but the third floor will be used as Business Premises for various activities. An open terrace will be at the disposal of Latvian entrepreneurs too.


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