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Expo 2020 Latvia Invest

Located in Northern Europe, with access to consumers in the EU and the CIS markets and a multilingual talent pool with a “make it happen” mentality, Latvia is your next best investment location. Add in premium class infrastructure and connectivity, 0% CIT for reinvested profit, Special Economic Zones and free ports and you’ll get the idea why foreign companies choose Latvia for their projects.


As a special treat, we now have the fast track ‘Green Channel’ to make all the necessary procedures go much faster. Interested in more? Be our guest and visit Invest in Latvia.


Are you fascinated by unicorns just like us? Then you’ll appreciate Latvia’s startup ecosystem – big enough to call itself a regional business hub and yet compact enough to have new contacts and opportunities just around the corner. With reasonable tax rebates and support instruments for your business’ growth, Latvia is a fruitful playground for your ideas.


By the way, did you know that Latvia has been named the most start-up friendly country in the world?


Feeling inspired? Learn more about how Latvia can help you grow your unicorn here

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Here in Latvia GBS & IT sectors attract a lot of buzz… and investments too.

Are you wondering why?

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