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Expo 2020 Latvia Tourism

Latvia. Small in size, but rich in places to see, feel and save in mind forever. With over half of its territory covered by forest, green is not really a colour in Latvia but a shade of our gold. There's plenty to get busy with – boating or fishing in 12,000 rivers and 3,000 small lakes or simply exploring mysterious bog lakes. With almost 500 km of coast, Latvia has tons of beaches.


Whether you want fun in the sun or miles of sand to yourself – there's space for everyone, and best of all, it's all open to the public. And let's not forget the fact that we are the proud owners of Europe's widest waterfall. Do you call yourself an architecture geek? Well, then you'll probably need more than just your vacation to explore Latvia's authentic rural homesteads, unique samples of wooden architecture, luxurious palaces and manors, churches. And with over 800 Art Nouveau buildings, our capital Riga has one of the world's most fantastic galleries of this lively style. All of it for you to discover and experience.

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