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Latvia may be small, but that just means being two handshakes away from making the wildest dreams come true. For those wishing to go big and far, our location comes in handy – Latvia is a gateway between Scandinavia, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. We love trying to understand the unknown.


Therefore, a language is rarely a barrier: 96% of Latvians speak at least one foreign language. And we build machine translation technologies that win awards to help others do the same. We know that speed matters, so we have built infrastructure that makes companies a success story, and we are proud of having one of the fastest internet connections in the world.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s in Latvia where an innovative music plasma pedal has been made – to instantly turn any melodic sound into a layer of continuous sound. We are genuinely proud of our companies that come up with anti-reflective glass chosen to protect the world-famous Mona Lisa, are partners of NASA, 5G pioneers, etc. Maybe the fact that Latvia is the most start-up friendly country in Europe has played a role here? Whatever the reason may be, these are just some of our stories of excellence. To take part in others, see us at Latvia’s Pavilion at EXPO 2020 and related events!

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