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Expo 2020 Latvia Medicine

In life, it’s all about good chemistry. With that in mind, we are anything but modest when it comes to the achievements of the Latvian chemical and pharmaceutical industry. With a long history and established capabilities in R&D, 4th by turnover amongst manufacturing sectors, the sector exports 83% of manufactured chemicals & pharmaceutical products appreciated around the world. And as to our medical services, they speak for themselves or rather through satisfied patients who recommend them near and far. See you at EXPO 2020 and related events!

Feeling inspired? Learn more about what Latvia's Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industry can offer you.

If you are passionate about Life Science be our guest. 

Industry Representatives

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3D printed casts

The custom-made, 3D printed cast for various types of fracture injuries offers a lightweight, ventilated and waterproof solution for maximum comfort during a recovery.

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Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre

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Having evolved into a powerful scientific centre, the leading scientific institute in molecular biology and biomedicine in the Baltics performs basic and applied research in human genetics, cancer research, biotechnology, etc.

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Pharmaceutical company

Determined to win international recognition and using its competence in R&D and sterile formulations, ‘Pharmidea’ does its best to produce such high-quality pharmaceuticals as anti-cancer, women health and other drugs.


Cita Lieta

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Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

An exporter of natural cosmetics and contract manufacturer since 2005, ‘Cita Lieta’ offers a wide range of handmade bath and body care products, including bath balls and solid cosmetics.

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Skincare cosmetics production

The 100% natural products by ‘GMT Beauty’ deliver effective and visible results coming from the depths of nature.

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Beauty Jar

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Natural cosmetics for face, hair and body

Natural, hand-made using a green approach, this natural cosmetics brand is all about astonishing combinations and juicy aromas.



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Food supplements.

Open to collaboration as private label and contract manufacturer, ‘LEV’ is a proud producer of API, CBD Hemp oil, botanical extracts for food and cosmetics.

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Innovative and natural skincare products

This innovative, environmentally friendly skincare brand came to life to help people affected by such skin conditions as rosacea, acne and dermatitis. Its products improve the overall condition of the skin and revitalise it.

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Lauma Medical

Medical compression and orthopedic products

‘Lauma Medical’ stands for only selected and certified materials, follows the best practice recommendations and uses modern technology. No wonder the company has become a market leader in numerous countries.

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MÁDARA Cosmetics

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Natural & organic certified skincare and makeup

A brand that has shown the world how to challenge conventional cosmetics with in-depth R&D, unique ingredients, luxurious qualities and outstanding performance, now owns one of the most advanced organic cosmetics factories in Northern Europe.



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Cosmetic manufacturer and wholesaler

The Northern European brand ‘Stenders’ has managed to capture the very essence and richness of nature to make widely appreciated bath ritual products.

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Kinetics Nail Systems

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Nail products for professionals

Company that from day one has been creating nail products for professionals, takes great pride in its lab and GMP certified production site where all ‘Kinetics’ products are made.



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Medical plasters manufacture

Equipped with high-performance multifunctional technology, the producer of modern medical products chooses materials only from the best manufacturers in the world.



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Clinic management systems, web patient portals, virtual assistants

By helping small and medium-sized clinics to automate their operational and management processes, the solutions by ‘DoctoWell’ is all about data-driven digital excellence.



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Ergonomic products and a fitness app

Upright posture is the first step towards confidence and joy in life. So, we have designed ergonomic products to help prevent back pain, tailbone pain, and poor posture for people with a sedentary work.

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Ergonomic wristband

Tackling health issues caused by our lifestyle choices has been the inspiration behind the brand, and the wearable ergonomic wrist rest will help prevent your wrists being tired and overused.

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