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The work on arranging the Latvian pavilion has begun

As the opening of the EXPO 2020 fair approaches, the preparation of the Latvian pavilion has now got underway. The pavilion is designed as a story about Latvia from its past to the future. To match this idea, the building block and central theme of the pavilion is peat as it naturally incorporates the same concept: what used to be plants is now a sedimentary material used in future technologies. On top of that, peat installations will create a unique, magical atmosphere that is rather exotic to the Middle East, thus providing a rich ground for lasting impressions on Latvia’s achievements and our entrepreneurs’ offer for the global market.

The ground floor of the pavilion will feature 4 rooms where visitors will have the chance to take a break from the bright and dynamic buzz of EXPO, and calmly take in the story of Latvia’s business environment, the most innovative products and technologies in a more understated setting. Here they will also be able to become part of this story – symbolically – through photography. The whole experience will take approximately 12 minutes.

In the ‘Business hub’ upstairs visitors will get a closer look at various products made in Latvia, and insights into investment, tourism, and study opportunities in the country. Those interested will also have the chance to meet the entrepreneurs in person. The author of the concept of the pavilion is the association of companies ‘DJA’, ‘SOLAVI’ and ‘YES WE CAN’.

“We are making great progress with arranging the Latvian pavilion, even better than originally planned. This makes us confident that it will be ready even before September 24 when the EXPO trial period starts. So far, all the necessary installations have been delivered to the UAE, and over the next weeks, the main construction work will be finished. Next, we will focus on arranging our exhibition and integrating multimedia. Currently, the main challenge to tackle is showcasing the Latvian offer, including such hard-to-display products as IT software, as our goal is to attract the attention of the pavilion’s visitors,” says Inga Ulmane, the Director of the Latvian EXPO pavilion.

The next event in Dubai relevant for Latvia will be the largest trade fair for construction in the Middle East, the ‘Big Five’, which will take place from September 12 to 15. October 1 is the opening date of the EXPO, and also the day our trade mission to Qatar and Dubai starts.

EXPO 2020 fair will be held from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

Ph. cr. Project "SOIL" team: DJA, SOLAVI, YES WE CAN


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