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SAF Tehnika presents its air quality monitor to the organisers of EXPO 2020

Dubai is preparing to host the EXPO 2020 fair, which will be held from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. The event will entail many in-person experiences; therefore, much attention is being paid to COVID-19 safety measures. At this stage, the participating countries and their companies are given an opportunity to present their innovative solutions to ensure participants’ safety. On April 7, SAF Tehnika used this chance to present its Aranet4 air quality monitor, already in high demand in several countries.

“The organisers of EXPO 2020 are trying to eliminate all risks related to COVID-19, as the fair is thought to be one of the first global events of such scale after the outbreak of coronavirus. Therefore, they are calling for the participating countries to present innovative products that help reduce potential risks. One of them is the Aranet4 air quality monitor that was shown to EXPO 2020 organisers and participants,” says the Head of the Representative Office in the UAE Inga Ulmane.

Several studies have found that tiny droplets or aerosols are an important route of transmission for the COVID-19, thus a proper air exchange indoors is highly significant. A high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) indoors indicates that the air quality is poor. Aranet4 by SAF Tehnika is a tool that helps keep an eye on that and warns when the airflow in the room should be taken care of.

A total of 190 countries have confirmed their participation in EXPO 2020 Dubai. An estimated 25 million people will attend the fair over six months.

As previously informed, Latvia’s Pavilion in EXPO will be arranged by the SOIL team, and its concept is based on 4D solutions that showcase peat as a unique material that guides through the country’s past and leads to future achievements. Read more about the concept of Latvia’s Pavilion:


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