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Expo 2020 Latvia pavilion

Latvia Pavilion at EXPO 2020

OCT 1, 2021–

MAR 31, 2022

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We believe new ideas should be celebrated. This is the way how we see the Latvian Pavilion – in conversations and idea exchange. With both Scandinavia and Eastern Europe on its doorstep, Latvia knows how to connect worlds apart.

Meet us and give a new perspective to your business at the Latvian Pavilion in the Opportunity District

Visiting the pavilion is no longer limited to those able to travel there. Download the game and virtual tour ‘EXPLORE LATVIA EXPO 2020’ on your phone via Google Play or App Store. Collect the most points and make others eat your dust. Just remember: our land is like soil – the deeper you dig, the richer it gets.

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Latvia in EXPO

From October 2021 to March 2022, we will showcase the best of Latvia – our creations, latest solutions, and culture – in Dubai. In the Latvian Pavilion, you can experience the many dimensions of our country and find out what we can do for you. So visit us as there is so much to hear, see, try and taste!



EXPO 2020 is all about connecting minds, creating the future.
We believe that getting to know each other is the key to making the world a booming co-working hub. Therefore, we are happy to be here with 190 other countries to connect and meet. To work together and show what we got. To do business and create a future we want to live in.


Latvia’s participation in the EXPO 2020 is organized by the Ministry of Economics of Latvia in cooperation with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.
Our mission is to make people, businesses and Latvia grow.

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Over 190 countries

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Over 25 million visitors

Contemporary performance show Expo 2020

Over 60 daily live shows


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